Why a band?

For a few years the MVPs had wanted to get together and have a jam session. To have the ability to do something for the community that was just fun. At Dreamforce 2015 Apex and The Limits performed at the MVP Boat Party. This performance was simply doing covers for our small community and just about having fun.

It wasn’t until after Dreamforce, that we realized the opportunity to truly give an anthem. There are so many items to get stressed out about, that we felt the need for a creative outlet that said some of the frustrations of the community. That just like any good band, you could blast your ‘theme’ song at the moment you felt it. All of those things you wanted to tell your users, your boss, your peers could be said through music.

We also wanted to keep this grounded with community participation. If it was for the people by the people, then why not get the people involved? (<- See what we did there?) That is why every video has an element of crowd sourced content. You won’t see two videos the same, because showing our #groupies is what makes this band unique. It isn’t about us, it is about you. We get some of our best ideas from the community.

The “History Lessons” series is all about the thoughts behind the music. How they came about and what message we were seeking. Sometimes these are feelings and other times they are meant to be slightly educational. All music has a muse and our music has endless possibilities from parodies to original compositions. Until next time……

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