Band Announcement

The great, wonderful, but sometimes down right hateful thing about life is that “it happens”. One moment you are on top of the world and the next you are in a less than desirable place trying to find an exit that doesn’t exist.


One of the blessing we have, is the fact that we have this wonderful community to celebrate with and lean on in times of need. To lift each other up when others may tear us down. We have also built this little unit called Apex & The Limits. We say unit, because that is different than a team. The reason is we move forward publicly as one voice, one vision, one unit. We have each other’s best interests in mind and recognize individuality, but publish collectively.


The way we are setup is to always allow the ‘members’ to do what they needed to do in their life by prioritizing the things that matter. This is a place to have fun, not a place to ‘work’. So there have been a few times when members have taken a private hiatus from the group, but we are betting you didn’t notice. Like the time Peter took off in the Winter, etc. That is all by the design of the unit.


However, one of our members has decided that this hiatus is going to be for an undefined amount of time and we felt the need to show our public support. Nana needs to take a step back for a while to focus on her family, her career, and Nerdforce. We will certainly miss her, but her spot will always be her’s. We are committed to supporting her in all ways and welcome her newly minted “I’m a extra extra special groupie” status. We respect her decision and encourage you all to stay in touch with her and reach out to show the wonderful love of the community we have come to know.


So there you have it! Unfortunately there is no great rumor to spread or diabolical mishap to be had, it is just “an adjustment of expectations”. To hear more about Nana’s story, follow her blog here.

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