Picture Frame Moments


Apex is the sentimental type. As a result, here is a corner dedicated to all of the moments that have become “Picture Frame” worthy for the band. We will keep updating this page as additional things happen. Thank you to everyone for joining us on this incredible journey.


Mark Benioff. Yes he booked our very first Salesforce sponsored performance. We are just going to mark down that he will always be our agent. Seriously you can’t top it. (May 2016)


Parker Harris. Say you mention on stage that you would be in the band, but you can’t sing at TrailheaDX. Have no fear we have a solution! Meet our mascot!  (June 2016)

First YouTube Video

What better way to launch a community driven band by going out the gate with something catchy? Introduce our very first release SOB: Why Admins Drink(December 2015)

First Live Show

We actually have two that fall into this category. Technically our first show ever was at the MVP Appreciation Event in September 2015. However, our first show as a parody band for the community at large was at Southeast Dreamin! We got to perform at their inaugural event in Atlanta in March 2016. (September 2015 & March 2016)

First Keynote Performance

Our very first keynote performance was having the honor of opening the first TrailheaDX keynote! It was also the first time the full band performed the parody songs together. The amount of firsts we could list here are crazy! We got to play at the Warfield. Let’s just say it is a time that none of us will ever forget. Huge thanks to our agent for taking the chance on us! (June 2016)

First Public Dreamforce Performance

We had the honor of being the Opening Band at the Dreampark Opening Reception for Dreamforce 2016. This was our first time playing as a full band and we got the opportunity to include more of the community. We introduced the concept of the External Objects. This is a place where musicians in the community can join the band for one time or multiple performance displaying their musical talents.

Additional Honors

We also have had the distinct honor to be some other organization’s firsts. Here are some:

  • Midwest Dreamin: We are happy to announce we will be their very first band to perform at the event. July 2016
  • Better Partners: We get to be the very first musical performance they have ever sponsored. Midwest Dreamin – July 2016