On the road again…..

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We’ve been busy over the past few months in between our day jobs, homelife, interviews and opening at events like #TrailheaDX. So when we got the call from Better Partners asking if we would perform at Midwest Dreamin’ you know what our answer would be…

But hang on.. The first question is “Who has heard of a “little” thing called Midwest Dreamin’?” If you haven’t let me get you up to speed.

Midwest Dreamin’ is a community run event, spearheaded by Eric Dreshfield, Denise Carbone, Andy Ogenoff, Nick Lindberg, Dale Ziegler, Jen Nelson and Jim Carbone. The event attracted over 800 people and was held in Chicago in July over two days. It focusses on all things Salesforce and includes breakout sessions, Demo Jams, Admin sessions and is a lot of fun and learning for all that is involved.

We had the pleasure of being the first band ever to perform at MidWest Dreamin’ and did it in style by kicking the event off. Opening the event and seeing our fans (I still can’t get used to saying that) rocking along with us was such a great thing. It touches on the entire focus of the Salesforce Community that it is truly a Community where we are all there to help, share and lean on each other when you need us.

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Of course we couldn’t do the event without having a little fun. The biggest highlight was seeing Ryan complete the bet, that he lost, to wear a Lion onesie whilst performing. We decided to complete Ryan’s ensemble by releasing the intro music we recorded for him whilst at #TrailheaDX. Now while Ryan did seem to complain about this a lot I personally think he enjoyed it a little bit too much.


At the end of the day we had a special prize for winner of our Groupie competition. Stu Edeal was the winner for this wonderful, and awfully cute, video he submitted.


What was the prize? The Lion Suit autographed by the entire Apex and The Limits band. We hope he treasures the suit for a long time and then sells it on eBay when we become HUGE!! (Kidding on that last bit.. You better not sell it Stu!)

So what’s in store for the next few months? Well if we told you that, how could we keep the next few weeks rolling? How about our standard “expect the unexpected”….

In the meantime I’m looking forward to Dreamforce and who knows what may happen on the #RoadToDreamforce.. Will we see you there? Specifically on 8/23?

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