#DF16 – Dream Park Performance

Trying to write a blog about our biggest performance to date and all we can think about is this quote:


That is how this all started. A wish put into the Twitter-verse with a hope that one day, in the future, it stood a chance of becoming reality.


We had hoped, dreamed, and rallied #Groupie Support, but this was far from a slam dunk! How were we to guess that the future would be a magical email in August to perform at #DF16? That was a day of some serious virtual high fives and loud pitch screaming! Then there was a bit of a reality check.

See when you are a virtual band, practice can be a little challenging. Especially when you are going to be playing instruments. Then let’s add another element of including some of our #groupies in the performance with us! So not only do we have 3 time zones to coordinate against, let’s add two other characters on the crazy train and put it into hyper mode.

Yes the landscape is set for total chaos of 2 months to learn to play songs, adding in two members who we have never played with before, and the first time we will ever be in the same location with instruments will be when we hit the stage at #DF16. You will be hearing the music for the first time we are hearing it playing together on the big stage.

We will be performing a few new songs and a few of our favorites for a total of a 50 minute set! Yes, you read that set length correctly! Opening the Dream Park is a big honor for us and to share it with some of the best people in the community makes it extra special. Check out this official communication spotted on Apex’s computer:


We have decided on some very realistic goals for this performance:

  1. Don’t fall off the stage.
  2. Have more than 10 people attend.
  3. Have FUN!

We have no idea what the future holds on any of this, but we figure if we have fun then everything will fall into place. So we want you to help us with the fun! Film the concert and submit us your video footage! You don’t just have to take footage of us, take footage of the crowd, your awesome dance moves, or sing along! We will take the footage we get and incorporate it into our October video release! Yes, we will still be doing monthly releases of videos, but this one will be all community footage from Dreamforce! You will have to DM us to get the drop off location for footage! No, it isn’t a scary back alley or anything crazy. 🙂

There you have it! Most importantly we can’t wait to meet you all! So come say hi! We will be at the event all week! Our performance is Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 6:00 PM. So you won’t find us out and about before that performance a whole bunch, but after that we will be in full on Dreamforce mode!


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