About the Members

Apex & the Limits is a band made of up current Salesforce MVPs. We produce parody songs and original compositions to give back the community we hold so dear. Want to know more about the band? Check out our blog post: Why A Band?


Peter Chalmers 

Role: Drummer

Grownup Job: Chief Executive Office Morphate, Chief Executive Officer Parvero

Location: Australia

Like a lot of other I fell into Salesforce as a customer and have since moved into the Consulting world. I now own and run two Consulting Partners (one focussed on Non Profit’s and the other Small and Medium Business). In addition to this I co-lead the Sydney Salesforce User Group. I love the Salesforce Community – there is no other technology based community like this. The community starts with Salesforce and ends with you forming great personal friendships. I love drumming and being part of Apex and the Limits is my chance to give back to the community whilst doing something I truly enjoy.

Ryan Headley 

Role: Vocalist & Guitar

Grownup Job: Salesforce Practice Lead at Flexion, Inc.

Location: Wisconsin, USA

It all started when I received an email from a former colleague that had started his own consulting practice that eventually turned into a practice that supported Salesforce exclusively. Within a couple of weeks of receiving that email, I had written my first application on the platform and it was off to the races.  At Dreamforce ‘14 I fell in love with the community. At Dreamforce ‘15 I became “part” of that community through Peter’s plan to have “ a band play a couple tunes at the MVP party.”  For me, this is all about the community and interacting with it. I’ve said it before and will say it again. There is no other community like this, anywhere. #Ohana

Rachel Rogers 

Role: Vocalist & Band Manager

Grownup Job: Sr. IT Manager – Sales, Channels, CPQ, and EBC at BMC Software

Location: Texas, USA

My career in Salesforce all started due to the luckiest Google search of my life. I needed to find a CRM for my company and I found a very very young Salesforce.com. My implementation was handled by Shell Black and my first community friend was Geraldine Gray! So you might be able to say that I had a good group. 🙂 From those first moments to now, my goal has always been to give back tenfold what I have received. The band is the perfect way to give back something creative with the sole purpose of letting others have fun and know that they aren’t alone.

Mark Ross 

Role: Vocalist & Bass

Grownup Job: Salesforce Practice Director at Clarus Group

Location: Kansas, USA

One fateful day this simple Salesforce admin was exposed to Gamma radiation, turning his skin green and transforming him into the SalesforceYoda. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and thus he decided to use his newfound powers towards being an #AwesomeAdmin and contributing to the Salesforce community. When danger calls, you may see him reach to the sky and cry out the ancient words of Wisdom and Power, summoning the Dread Instrument Excalibass to his outstretched hand. He uses this fell implement to drive his fellow band members with the deep foundations needed for battle, but sometimes he just sings.