External Objects

Whenever the band gets the opportunity to play full instruments, we invite our “External Objects” to join us on stage. These are people in the Salesforce Community who play different instruments. For each #groupie that joins us you’ll see their information here and when they played with us. We hope you enjoy and if you would like to join us let us know via Twitter!


profile-pic-2-1600x1600-with-certsBen Bolopue

Role: On-demand guitar/keys/vocals

Grown-up Job: Salesforce Administrator at Quanex Building Products

Shows: Dreamforce 2016

In his own words: Family guy who enthusiastically spreads the Salesforce gospel and absolutely geeks-out over gadgets, music, bourbon, and craft brews!




Brian Kwong

Role: keys/vocals

Grown-up Job: VP of Delivery and Operations at Better Partners

Shows: Dreamforce 2016

In his own words:Referred to as the “Salesforce Wizard” for his equisite taste in hat wear. He took piano lessons for 15 years, spent 15 years not playing, and finally decided it was time to return to the keys. He’s the proud father of 3 kids including twin girls plus his son. You can also find him co-hosting the WizardCast podcast, spreading cheer and education in the Salesforce ecosystem.