Road Trip: Southeast Dreamin

You want us to perform live? Meaning in front of people with opinions and if we screw up they will totally know? Sure, why not? {Insert nerves & scrambling}

Now it isn’t that we don’t like people, we don’t appreciate opinions, or that we don’t want to be on stage. It is just that honestly we never thought about that part. What we planned for was producing songs and videos for the virtual community. You know the one where you can stay in your pjs with your hair all screwed up and no ones knows?

I mean let’s be clear we are not the next Adele, Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughan, or anyone remotely famous. We do this with our slightly better than mediocre voices, because we want to be a source of entertainment. We want to say the things that maybe you are a little too afraid to say. We want to empower the community that we believe in to do what is right for their company/Salesforce org and not be intimidated because someone has the title of Manager, Director, CIO, or CEO.

So we created new songs, booked our flights, practiced (well sort of), figured out what in the world to wear and hit the road. Now the hitting the road part was not all smooth sailing. Delayed flights and emergency room visits, all made for an interesting journey to the great state of Georgia!

We had security pick us up and did our first periscope! What?!?! You mean you missed the road trip periscope? You missed Rachel fumbling with the camera and most importantly the Safety Dance? Don’t worry Benjamin we only meant to aid your video of coffee going.

Checked in, quick sound check, and then action time! We took a before we freak out on stage photo!


Then that was it! Performance time! We gave it our best shot and most importantly we had fun! We figured if this is going to possibly be a one and done performance, than go out with style. Make sure that you look back with no regrets. Turns out that motto paid off! We didn’t fall off stage, sing horribly out of key, or sing out of time. We actually ‘didn’t suck’ by standards. 🙂

The most important thing about this trip was that we got to meet you, the fans! We got to hear your ideas for the future and what the songs mean to you. We will be posting some of the videos we captured on our #groupies page later. Thank you for all that you do and keep the ideas coming! We would love to see you more! Until next time….

2 Responses to “Road Trip: Southeast Dreamin

  • Kate Vickery
    8 years ago

    We were so glad to have you!! Thank you for venturing out of that virtual world and into the Southeast Dreamin’ one.

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