Behind the Music: SOB – Why Admins Drink

Dreamforce 2015 had come to an end and the holidays were quickly approaching. The band was supposed to have been a “one time” thing at Dreamforce, but something about that statement didn’t feel right. With each band member back in their respective geo and the band conversations that had been weekly for months all of a sudden at an end, something was off.

Rachel was listening to SOB by Nathan Rateliff & The Night Sweats. It was a catchy tune that just felt good to sing along to. She reached out to Ryan and asked what he thought about re-writing the lyrics to be SOB – Why Admins Drink and doing a parody track. Could we get the band back together? Could we give this as an early holiday present to the community? Would anyone even be interested?

Ryan was quick to start the process while they reached out to the rest of the band to gauge interest. Lots of logistics to figure out on the who would sing, how could they get a video done, who would be in the video and how do you keep it a secret?

The lyrics themselves took about 30 minutes to write and then some fine tuning. Rachel, Ryan, and Nana compiled the final production version of the lyrics and recorded the song. When lyrics come out that quickly and powerful it is about something that you can feel. Something that we all want to say. We have all had those days when we just can’t believe what is being asked of us. The infamous #whyadminsdrink hashtag was created just for that purpose.

The lyrics of this song include references to events that had recently happened. For example, “I’m gonna throw confetti on the floor, and nobody better give a damn” references the Dreamforce 2015 Admin Keynote when Mike Gerholdt threw confetti out of his pocket. Other lines “I’ll start down that happy trail” reference the #Trailhead trails that had a very significant presence at Dreamforce 2015.

The video production was such a hoot! Our cast of characters had a blast filming there sections. Some of them may even have enjoyed a few libations during their recordings. In the end the secret launch turned out to be a huge success! More importantly it lifted people up and was just something fun! Until next time…..

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