TrailheaDX — History in the Making

Brought to you by: Peter Chalmers

Recently we were asked by Marc Benioff (our agent) to perform and open the first ever TrailheaDX. This was such a massive thing for us to secure our agent and our first Salesforce sponsored show. Did we mention that this happened only two weeks before TrailheaDX 2016?

Twitter Conversation

It really was a few days before it sunk in and we realized that we needed to get our act together and nail the set. Ok so you may be thinking, that isn’t such a big deal given your musicians and have done this before. That is slightly true, we have performed together previously – ONCE! To make things more interesting, that time we played the instruments and performed covers. That’s right our parodies didn’t even exist then!

It was during a conversation with Parker Harris, after we performed, that he asked how we came together and made it happen.

parker trailheadx

Well firstly, we are spread across the globe. Four of the band are in the US but in different locations, Texas, Kansas, Wisconsin, and myself I’m in Australia.

So.. how do we do practice, collaborate and get it right?

As you know we are all Salesforce peeps (yea I said peeps) which means we think Cloud first all the time. We found a great tool, Soundtrap, that allows us to lay individual tracks, mix and publish our music. This has meant that, regardless of the time and distance we can create something quickly and easily.

For the two weeks before TrailheaDX we ran over the 3 songs individually. We had a few Zoom calls and ran through what we were doing and kept in contact over Slack.

On the Sunday before the event the band started our travels. I jumped on a plane from Sydney and the other band members started arriving on Monday and checked into our hotel – Hotel Zepplin. Yep, it was appropriate that we stayed in a Hotel that was based on Led Zepplin and had a cool, funky and rockstar feel to it all.
peace Nana


We met on the Monday afternoon in a room downstairs at the hotel and we cranked up the tunes on my Mac. We ran through the songs several times and it was like we were all in the same room…. Oh hang on we were!

As we were practicing one of the Hotel Staff, who had been working in the room, though we weren’t aware, came over and told us how great we sounded. That was the encouragement we needed.

The rest of the afternoon and evening we spent time hanging around and getting prepared for the next day.

And the next day this is what happened!

performance retweet marc

Parker Tweet

sfdc tweet


So, it was an awesome and unexpected ride that goes us to TrailheaDX and such a blast!

Now you may be saying – that’s interesting but I still don’t know who you guys really are. Well let us take a brief moment to introduce ourselves to you. That page has the links to our Twitter handles so that you can interact with us. We love hearing from you!

We want to thank all of our supporters who have been there as we released our YouTube clips, Facebook Page and Tweets. We do this because we love it and love the Salesforce Community. We are your band and love having you involved in what we do. If you want to volunteer for any of our clips then drop us a line (need link to email address here) and we will work you into the schedule.

Lastly, we are looking forward to performing at MidWest Dreamin’ in July and hope to see all of you rocking and bopping along with us.

And what is after that? Who knows?? Maybe we will get our biggest wish and get to play Dreamforce. If you would like that to happen then sign this petition that one of our groupies started.

So until we see you next time…



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