Behind the Music: Hit Me With Your Best Case

Have you ever just needed an anthem for dealing with a repeat case offender? You know those users who seem to find a way to submit the same case over and over and over again. It seems that their sole purpose is to test your patience, your automated workflow rules, and how quickly you can use a knowledge article to explain the same exact item yet again. {Insert frustration}

Yes, we have all been there. Actually scratch that, we live that life! So let’s change the tone and tell them to bring it! That was the inspiration behind Hit Me With Your Best Case! To change the tone of the community into “I got this” or “I dare you”. If you ever get the chance to meet our leading ladies, you’ll understand those statements more than ever. Let’s just say that these Texas ladies don’t mess around!

The song itself took two days to record and then the video participants knocked it out of the park. From 80s shimmy shakes to “keyboard guitars” this video has it all. Plus a good toast at the end with some refreshing cherry soda for all!

We wish that there were more to write here, but this really sums it up. So leave your comments about the song on this page or send us suggestions for our next song! Talk soon…..

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