WizardCast + Apex & The Limits = Lion King PJs?

Say what?!?!? Yeah, that’s what happens when you mix the band and their first ever interview. The things that you learn complimentary of some fine interviewers on The WizardCast!

Our very first interview, went true Nerd Style with a podcast created by Brian Kwong & Mark Ross. No subject was off limits! (Note to Band: get a better publicist. Scratch that, get a publicist.) Aside from Brian accidentally hanging up on everyone — things went off without a hitch and we had a blast. There were talks of setting up dating sites, future performance, a sneak peak at April’s song, and talks about Ryan’s vision for band attire. (#pineapple)

Of course we tackled some of the questions that people have asked about the band. We even talked about the future of the band. Then at the end, there were the ever popular outtakes. You know those things that when played out of context mean a lot less sense then when you were in the flow of conversation? Ah, who are we kidding these outtakes didn’t even make sense then! Like the strange conversation Brian has about Disney’s “The Lion King”. (You’ll have to listen to it for the full scoop on that one.)

Insert release day Twitterverse frenzy! With all the excitement building after coming off of our next tour stop announcement, things were in full swing. The thing that started catching ‘fire’ was Brian’s wonderful lion references. Let’s say that in the midst of the Twitter flurry that someone might have made a suggestion. (um hum) Apex — Rachel herself kindly suggested that Ryan should wear Lion PJs to Midwest Dreamin’ (Ryan, you can send your thoughtful gifts to the address you have on file for her).

The ante was quickly upped when Brian suggested that if the WizardCast reached 200 downloads, Ryan would indeed wear Lion PJs to Midwest Dreamin’! Then Rachel had the pleasure of announcing the milestone being hit! This was the only reply Ryan could muster: *ROAR*

We had a lot of fun! We look forward to hearing more from you and if you want us to join you for a chat let us know!

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