You’ll Always Remember Your First…..

How many times do you get to be someone’s first? For Apex & The Limits it turns out that it is slightly more frequent and we love it! Here is our list so far:

  • Southeast Dreamin: We participated in the very first one ever put on and are their first musical performance.
  • Midwest Dreamin: We are happy to announce we will be their very first band to perform at the event.
  • Better Partners: We get to be the very first musical performance they have ever sponsored.

Yes, we are happy to announce that Better Partners is sponsoring us to play at Midwest Dreamin! To give you a bonus card, the whole band gets to be at a live performance! Even the Aussie is making the trip!

We are super excited about this sponsorship and the work that Better Partners does. Did you hear that they even have a Wizard on staff? They are also supportive of music as a universal language that brings people together. That is right on par on how we structured our band from the songs to videos. Our biggest asset, is YOU the community! That is why every video features you, not us in our pjs!

We can confirm that we will be playing on July 21st and will be shooting exclusive video footage for upcoming video releases during the event. We look forward to seeing you all there and if you want in the video, tweet us!

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