Behind the Music: Trailhead Action


All good songs come from a place of inspiration. From a movement of sorts and they carry a special energy. This particular inspiration was drawn from the great people at Southeast Dreamin. Seeing how they responded to the upbeat tunes that were directed about things that #AwesomeAdmins were facing. The struggles are real ya’ll.

This song started with some reverse engineering. It started with a good ole google/YouTube search for popular upbeat music. Then we found “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”. It was like a movie when the birds start signing and a pathway lights in front of you. We had just found the perfect song to transform.

The perfect song required an equally perfect theme. What of all the themes would work? How could you possibly write something on such an iconic song that would not defame a legend? Where do you draw inspiration?

How about from a person that resembles a certain mascot in the Salesforce community? I mean who knows who was really first for some of us these days. Did you meet Chris Duarte or Astro first? We bet no matter which one was ‘first’ both leave an impression that forever changes you, just like they forever changed this song.

From start to finish let’s make it a stretch on timing and it took a grand total of 20 min to write. The words just seem to come flying out, because we can’t get enough. We always seem to get interrupted when on a Trailhead roll.

Next up video time! We love featuring our #groupies in our videos. After all it is our #groupies that keep us going, grounded, and with loads of material! Everyone submitted great footage and it was hard to narrow it down to the final cut. Keep the inspiration and video clips coming! You keep us powered to go bigger and better. After all our only ‘limit’ is the community’s appetite.

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