How do you do it?

We get asked a lot of questions by our #groupies. The questions leave no subject untouched! We also have taken to answering some of these via video, so make sure to checkout our YouTube Channel! Let’s see if we can’t answer a few!

How do you get ready for a live performance?

Ryan:Practice, worry, worry, worry, then practice some more, followed by panic and flop sweat.  Then moments before I take the stage, I can be found slumped over with my hands on knees, breathing heavily…

Rachel: I organize! Yes my OCD kicks into high gear and I start getting everyone organized.Once we are all in the same place, then the madness starts. This is one of the only times we actually get to practice in person! It is nerve wrecking and the time seems to fly by! We only get an hour max before any show! Then I get super nervous before we take the stage, but something about us all freaking out together is calming.

Nana: Umm..practice, dry heave in the bathroom, stress over outfit, practice some more…there is no real ‘ready’ – it’s about taking that step up to the mic!

Is Ryan really that funny all the time in person?

Ryan: Nothing like pressure to say something funny right now…..but I got nothing #FAIL. My wife and kids would say “yes” but I’m sure I’m more annoying than I am funny. I’m probably not even supposed to answer this one…I’m gonna yield the floor to Rachel and perhaps others that have had the pleasure (or otherwise) of meeting me in person.

Rachel: You never know what is about to come out of his mouth. I think super funny Ryan is out on full display when we are all together. We all feed off of each other in the best way!

Nana: Pretty much! Keeps us all in stitches!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Ryan: Mostly from personal experiences or stories told to me from other people. And Rachel sends me song ideas and tells me to come up with something, so I do. Does that count? 🙂  Kidding…maybe…

Rachel: I listen to Spotify’s Discover Weekly music channel. Lots of times tunes just hit me from there and then it is something that we transform into applicable Salesforce tunes.

Nana: Personal admin experiences, the twitter-verse, Success Community, User Groups, you name it! Everyone has a story and can relate!

How in the world do you find time to do this in addition to your ‘grown up’ job?

Ryan: The words come easy and we’re a team, so its really a team effort which reduces the “creative”. The hard part is trying to find a nice quiet place to record. I don’t like people hanging around when I’m recording. Even if they’re not in the same room. I just feel weird because normally I have headphones on so all anyone can hear is me singing…that’s gotta sound weird. Most times for me, its a mad-dash to the finish line, with everything.

Rachel: We are secretly super heros. 😉 Haha, I wish! When you have something you love doing, you figure it out. I truly believe that you make time for things that matter to you.

Nana: Ha Ha – obviously lately I haven’t managed to balance that well – but when you are doing something fun, it’s not a job!

Where’s Nana?

Ryan: Getting a much needed break I’m sure…

Rachel: She should be on a beach taking a break, but she is in the great state of Texas! You will see more of her soon.

Nana: Oye – I wonder that myself lately! Life got a little crazy after Christmas (thanks Mother Nature) and between drowning in insurance paperwork and contractor decisions, work, my kids’ crazy schedules and living in a tiny apartment, it has been challenging to find the time and place to record. I’m grateful that Apex & the Limits has kept a spot for me! I’m even planning some recording space in our rebuild so I have a dedicated spot for podcasts and Song recording! Can’t wait for things to get back to my kind of normal!

Check out our #groupies corner to see some questions answered via video! If you have questions, make sure to submit them to us! We will get them back to you ASAP!

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