Behind the Music: Crazy Little Thing Called No

Let’s say you are listening to “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and you are just having fun. The windows are open as you drive down the highway and for a moment you don’t have a care in the world. You go to your happy place and are bopping your head around as everyone stares as you drive by. Those moments tend to stick with you all day. In this case, this was an ear worm that Rachel could not get rid of. So what do you do in a situation like that?

You write a parody, that’s what. You take your mantra of just because you can do it should you do it,  you relate items from your workday into said parody an before you know it, you’re cured. Well except for the tiny fact that NOW you have your parody stuck in your head, but at least its something YOU created.

In this case, we wanted to remind our admins and org owners out there that while its great to satisfy needs, there are sometimes when you have to say “no” for any number of reasons. And indeed there are times when saying “no” is somewhat liberating. To give everyone the courage to use the word that at times may seem like it needs to be a last resort, because you are just trying to give management their requests.

This video was done by a few Twitter call outs! Some of our fans really engaged with us and we wanted to feature them in the first truly community sourced video. This video made some long lasting friendships/connections occur and brought otherwise strangers together in a unforgettable footage. For all of the moments that made it into the clip, you should have seen the outtakes!

So don’t forget about this “Crazy Little Thing Called No” and how valuable it can actually be from time to time.

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