Behind the Music: Service Man

All great songs have a muse and this song is no exception. Now how do we define a muse? Well that can be a combination of factors for our songs. This one in particular had two main factors:

  1. Soul Man was stuck in Rachel’s head
  2. The Service Cloud Implementation Rachel had been focused on for 7 months was finally in production

This song was written in December 2015 and took 45 min with an assist from Ryan to finish up the final lines. The goal was to focus on highlighting the key features of Service Cloud. Salesforce speaks a lot about “revolutionary experiences” with the program and we don’t view this as a brilliant marketing line. Instead, we consider this to be a fact backed by first hand encounters as a consumer and implementer.

It doesn’t mean that you will not encounter any challenges, it simply means that compared to anything else you could consume this is by far the premier solution. Hints why lines like “And when you get it, you got something” or “Cause you ain’t seen nothing yet” are in the song.

One of the key features of this product is really the Omni Channel solution. We think it should be so prominent that we gave it, it’s very own line in the song. Omni Channel is a presence based routing solution that you can use across any object in Salesforce. It really opens up the possibilities on creating a personalized customer experience. We all want to have one on one interactions that are meaningful and not just another number. With this application you can truly give your customers a unique, personalized experience.

The video was also an interesting item to put together. We wanted to capture different people to show that service knows no bounds. This video had many features to it, but one of the more fun elements was Rachel’s daughter who made the final video cut. Showing that the community knows no bounds or age groups. The community is a feeling and a family. We are a unit that together can move mountains with a few clicks and not a lot of code. Until next time….

2 Responses to “Behind the Music: Service Man

  • I was wondering whose daughter that was. #rockstar So cute.

    • The Band
      8 years ago

      You mean with that much adorable in one place you didn’t know it was Rachel’s little girl? 😉

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